It's back-to-school time here in the United States, so we've collected some photos to serve as inspiration for the new academic year. The images below feature pupils of all different ages and cultures exercising their right to learn, despite the challenges of poverty. The classrooms may look different, but the goal of getting an education is universal.


belize preschool planet aid
Preschoolers from a Child Aid project in Belize sit patiently on stage during their graduation ceremony.


Botswana HOPE planet aid
Children from the community gather to learn about health through a HOPE project educator.


China preschools planet aid
Young students having a stretch during the school day in rural China.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC teacher training planet aid
Students circle around for a lesson in a classroom. The DRC is one of the countries that benefit from Planet Aid-supported teacher training.


Guinea-Bissau teacher training planet aid
This classroom in Guinea-Bissau may not be constructed with traditional building materials, but it doesn't stop the children from learning. The teacher pictured here is a graduate of the DNS Teacher Training college in the town of Cacheu.


India step up centers planet aid
Street children in India are not often afforded the opportunity to complete their education. Academies for Working Children provide a path towards traditional education for those who have been sidetracked from the formal schooling system.


Zimbabwe adult education planet aid
Proof that you can get an education at any stage of your life, this mother from Zimbabwe holds her child while seated in class.


Laos child aid planet aid
Children in the Child Aid project in Laos use the garden as their classroom as they learn about sustainable agriculture.


malawi teacher training planet aid
Child marriage was banned in Malawi earlier this year, meaning that young girls now have a better chance at completing their education. The Teacher Training program in Malawi also increases the chance of these girls' success by deploying highly-qualified educators to the rural areas of the country.


Angola teacher training planet aid
A crowded classroom like the one pictured here will not get in the way of determined students. ADDP has been training teachers in Angola to handle these difficult conditions since 1995.


Brazil child aid preschool planet aid
Young learners from the Child Aid project in Brazil flex their creative muscles in the classroom.


Mozambique food for knowledge planet aid
Pupils enthusiastically raise their hands to answer the question of their teacher, Pelagio. This is just one of the classrooms benefiting from the Food for Knowledge project, which supports rural education in Mozambique through school feeding, teacher training, and other initiatives.

South Africa

South Africa preschool planet aid
Young students in South Africa sit patiently in anticipation of a presentation organized by the Child Aid project.


Zambie preschools planet aid
Hands-on learning in action! Preschoolers in Zambia working with clay have fun making shapes.

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