Common Recycling Mistakes

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans create 254 million tons of waste each year. Of course, that number can be reduced by recycling. Although recycling is a common practice, many people don't know that they may be recycling improperly. It's important that recycling is done correctly and that all recyclable materials are actually being recycled so that we can make the most impact in helping our environment by reducing waste.

Junk King, an eco-friendly junk removal service operating in the U.S. and Canada, recently highlighted the most common mistakes that are made by people when recycling. To learn more about how to avoid those mistakes and ensure that waste is properly recycled, visit their blog post.

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Junk King was founded in 2005 in San Carlos, California. The business was created to offer recycling needs with exceptional customer service. Today, Junk King is the #1 Rated Junk Removal Service in North America, with nearly 60 franchises in 22 states and Canada.