EcoMonday - Recycling for Development

Planet Aid makes recycling easy and accessible with our exclusive Find-a-bin service online!

Taking action to protect our natural habitat should be a part of everyday life. Consider the little things like bringing your own shopping bags to the supermarket or having your own compost in the backyard; green choices make us feel good.

When your clean out your closet, one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do is donate your old clothing to Planet Aid instead of throwing it out. Since Planet Aid makes your old clothes available for re-use, they help to offset the need for the production of new cotton. Producing 1 pound of new clothing has a serious environmental impact, every pound of new clothing requires (on average): 723 gallons of water, .3 lb. of fertilizers, .2 lb. of pesticides and produces around 3.6 lbs. of greenhouse gases.

As a result of the this offset during 2009, Planet Aid was able to help save 72 billion gallons of water, 30 million pounds of fertilizer and 20 million pounds of pesticides by collecting and recycling 100 million pounds of clothing.

When you drop your clothes into a Planet Aid bin, your donations also help us support critical community development programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The programs range from teacher training and food security to HIV/AIDS prevention and orphan care. The programs we support work to build the capacity of local people, and involve everyone in the community in creating a better future.

Environmentally-friendly organizations like Planet Aid are working hard every day to make it convenient for the general public to make a difference in preserving our planet. By placing new bins in new territories, we make it easy for people to donate their clothing. We hope to encourage more and more people to use our service since only 15% of textiles discarded in the United States are currently recycled.

Presenting the exclusive Planet Aid Find a Bin feature; it works by searching our expansive database of locations by ZIP code and providing you with a few nearby options.

Donations to Planet Aid are tax-deductible. To get a tax receipt for your donation please e-mail your local Planet Aid office and include your name, mailing address and the date and location of your donation.