Five Ways to a Sustainable Wardrobe

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Nowadays following the latest trends has been a "˜trendy' thing to do. However, the apparel industry has been producing various garments in bulk just to sell more, and very few of them have stopped to think about the impact they are leaving on the planet. Dressing ethnically and sustainable for any occasion is what every single person should strive for. Believe it or not, clothes that are made of sustainable materials can look utterly sophisticated, and for that reason, and many others, you have no excuse not to alter and revive your wardrobe.

1. Opt for secondhand clothes

Before you completely switch to sustainable apparel, you can start by combining the things that you already own with some reusable and sustainable clothes. Visit a nearby secondhand store, and see what is there for you.

You might find a captivating black dress or a brown leather jacket or purse that will go meticulously with the coat you already own. Buying vintage dresses and clothes worn by others is a fantastic way to go green and think about the environment. Just because somebody else has thrown it out, doesn't mean there is something wrong with it.

If you're in the Rockville, MD area, check out the Planet Aid Thrift Store for some great finds!

2. Consider only eco-friendly materials

When it comes to the clothing industry, a huge environmental impact is determined by the production of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, when you do buy new, you should strive to choose only natural, biodegradable, and reusable materials, like cotton, hemp, wool, linen, and even recycled plastic.

Nowadays, you can find even green running gear like shoes, shirts, shorts and comprehension sleeves that are made from a quality, recycled materials. In this way, not only are you helping to protect the planet, but you also have the chance to wear top-notch equipment with sustainable materials. A win-win option.

3. Shop trans-seasonal

Waiting for the summer or winter season can be a tedious task, and very often trends tend to shift in a blink of an eye. What happens is that you end up buying things that you are either never going to wear, or ones that very often go out of fashion. One very useful way to upgrade your wardrobe into a more sustainable one is to buy clothes that you are going to wear at all times. Invest in buying a good pair of jeans, tees, blazers or some everyday dresses.

Climate plays an important role when you are aiming to stay sustainable, so consider the seasonal weather change and buy only what you are going to wear for multiple seasons.

4. Do thorough research

Very often when we set our mind to buy a certain apparel piece we don't tend to check the label. In order to change your perspective to a more sustainable outlook, you might want to alter this habit. Before you head out to your favorite store, do thorough online research of the company to see what they are doing to improve the labor conditions of their garment workers.

What is more, on a company's webpage should be some information under a "˜Sustainability' tab, where you can easily find out what their aim is to protect the Earth. You can also discover what materials they are using, and if they are a member of FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) that focuses on knowing the way clothes are produced.

5. Quality over quantity

The key to going green is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. If you are struggling to reuse or recycle your clothes, then you might try to reduce the purchase of new fashion items. Going for quality over quantity will help you save extra money in the long run. You will be happier with one dress or jacket that you have paid more for and been able to use over and over again, rather than buying numerous shirts and skirts and never having the opportunity to wear them.

All it takes is diligence and patience. Revamping your wardrobe with sustainable clothes takes time and effort, but the end result is priceless.