The New Year marks the launch of new learning and opportunities at Planet Aid. Along with our MIT training and other initiatives in the United States, we are proud to announce that more than 2,500 new student teachers will soon be enrolled at supported institutions in Africa and Asia.

In Mozambique, the ADPP teacher training colleges supported by Planet Aid graduated 1,038 new elementary school teachers. More than half (552) were women. The college at Nhamatanda in Sofala Province achieved a 99% pass rate on the final exam. The other colleges were not far behind, with pass rates that ranged from 88% to 98%.

 The colleges are currently evaluating candidates for the start of the new school year and have been administering the national admission examinations, which are carried out under the purview of the Mozambique Ministry of Education. The exams assess the general knowledge and capacity of the students in three subjects: Portuguese, English and mathematics.

Candidates that successfully complete the written exam will then take an oral exam to further asses general knowledge and communication skills.  ADPP expects to admit 1,528 new students this year into its teacher training program nationwide.

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In India, the rapidly expanding DNS program is enrolling 1,000 new student teachers in five training centers in Uttar Pradesh. 

In Malawi 338 new student teachers from the training colleges we support are preparing to depart on a four-month journey across southern Africa. The introductory trip is designed to enrich the new students' perspectives, challenge their thinking, and broaden their understanding of the different cultures and myriad obstacles facing peoples of the region.