Planet Aid, Mozambique, ADPP solar powerAlmost 70% of Mozambique's population has no access to electricity, which is a major obstacle to development. Renewable energy through solar panels offers a viable solution.

A new partnership between ADPP Mozambique and the Mozambican Association for the Development of the Energy Sector and Extractive Industries (AMEX) is helping make renewable local power a reality in the country.

Students from One World University (OWU), which is operated by ADPP, led the implementation of a project that installed six solar power stations. The students are also helping train community members in using, managing, and maintaining the stations. Each station has the capacity to recharge 60 lanterns and 20 cell phones. This reliable and cheap source of power has been making a difference in the lives of some 2,400 families in the Changalane, Namaacha District of Maputo Province.

OWU is a university supported by Planet Aid and operated by ADPP. For more information about the project, download the AMEX newsletter here as a PDF file.