National Clothing Drive Saves 66.2 Million Gallons of Water

Students from 26 schools in seven states across Missouri to Maryland collected 47,267 pounds of clothing and shoes during Planet Aid's first national "Earth Month" Clothing Drive Contest.

From this month-long joint collection, 66.2 million gallons of water were conserved, 165,302 CO2 emissions were reduced, and 18,905 pounds of used pesticides were decreased.

St. John the Baptist School in Ludlow, Massachusetts secured the grand prize for generating 4,970 pounds of clothes and shoes, while Leicester High placed second for 4,840 and Severn Elementary School took third with 3,950.

Brophy Elementary was awarded "Most Improved," after significantly escalating their collection from previous "Earth Months" to an impressive 3,746 pounds for the contest.

For their contributions, the top three placers will receive US$1,000, US$700, and US$500, respectively. Brophy Elementary will also be rewarded US$500 for their efforts.

This national clothing drive is one of Planet Aid's School and Community Program initiatives to motivate the youth to protect the environment by leading cleaning campaigns, clothing drives, and other community service activities.

Starting in 1997, Planet Aid has led a recycling program that collects millions of pounds of textiles and shoes every year. This is supporting local and national efforts to create a circular economy which also helps generate thousands of jobs in the United States and abroad.

Its accessible collection points and advocacy have also helped increase recycling rates, thereby contributing to positive climate action through the redirection of waste from landfills and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Planet Aid's efforts are in support of national and local campaigns to broaden responsible environmental practices, as current Environmental Protection Agency figures highlight that the country generates 13 million tons of clothing and footwear waste each year, with only 13 percent of these being recycled.