Planet Aid Launches "Give Back" Campaign During New York Fashion Week

Planet Aid is reaching out to clothing manufacturers and retailers this week in an effort to increase recycling of used clothing and shoes.  The groups are being invited to join Planet Aid in a campaign that will have customers donate their used clothing at retail store locations.  The clothing customers donate will be picked up by Planet Aid and recycled, and the proceeds will be used to support international development projects worldwide.

Planet Aid has chosen to extend its invitation to clothing and shoe retailers during Fashion Week (Sept 5-12)  in New York City to help raise awareness about the need for greater recycling.  Fashion Week is when the fashion industry convenes to introduce their new designs for the next season.  The industry has been criticized for its propagation of a disposable "fast fashion" culture, which tends to increase the quantity of clothing that is unwanted due to the trend toward ever rapidly changing styles.

Watch the above video to learn what "fast fashion" is all about -- created by

Currently an average household throws away 200 pounds of used clothing and shoes per year. By recycling this clothing rather than simply throwing it away, Americans can help save valuable resources, minimize landfill disposal, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses. Join Planet Aid in making a difference and reducing our textile waste.