Planet Aid's Response to Hurricane Sandy

Planet Aid, Hurricane Sandy Planet Aid's New Jersey operations center has been working with Clear Channel Communications and its local radio station Z-100 in the New York-New Jersey area to deliver needed supplies to communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Planet Aid has been asked to distribute bottled water and has been purchasing pallets of water, which it is distributing with its trucks.  On November 6, we dispatched a truck of water to a community center in Toms River and have since been responding to requests for water from WORTV-9, dropping 36 cases off at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Red Cross, Hurricane Sandy, Planet Aid

We are also continuing to receive clothing donations and have been separating out jackets and blankets for distribution, and will distribute them when instructed to do so.  The demand for such clothing has not yet materialized, but we stand ready to respond to the call.

We also want to point out that due to the storm-related obstacles, we have had difficulty reaching and servicing our clothing donation bins and may have lost up to a hundred bins in the storm.  We will be servicing all of our locations as soon as possible.

Though we are not a relief organization, we are endeavoring to assist and support in any way that we can.  If you would like to help those affected by the storm, we recommend you first consider a monetary contribution. We recommend you donate to one of the primary relief organizations, such as the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort. A financial contribution helps ensure a steady flow of critical services after a disaster such as this.  Planet Aid also welcomes your donation and support.

If you are in the local area and have a request or questions regarding accepted donations, please contact our manager of NJ operations at 973-934-3591.

Red Cross, Hurricane Sandy, Planet Aid