Planet Aid and Schools are an Ideal Partnership

Schools are extremely important threads in the fabric of a community. Parents, friends, and family are engaged advocates for the well-being, education, and growth of students. Planet Aid also strives to make a difference in local communities, which makes working with schools an ideal partnership.

Our two-fold mission to serve people and the planet is the focus of every piece of clothing collected in our donation bins. As more schools incorporate environmental themes in their clubs and education, Planet Aid's outreach has broadened.

Queens Metro

Planet Aid's Operation Manager Gerard Ortega (l) with Environmental Action Club at Queens Metro High in New York City.

Eric Newman, director of Planet Aid's School & Community Program is passionate about the need for championing youth leadership in environmental action. The subject hits home for the former educator and father of three, stating, "I would like my children's children to be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, play outside, and eat nutritious food. And I don't just want this for my own grandchildren, I want that for everybody's grandchildren, whether they are in Montana or Mozambique, Malaysia, or any place in the world."

The School & Community Program is steadily increasing their network of students, schools, and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) who drive change through sustainable practices, eco-responsibility, and community service.

Newtown Middle School's Melissa Metzler is an environmental action club advisor and autistic support teacher. Her students collected 1,720 pounds of textiles for Planet Aid. The clothing drive was part of a water conservation project, which helped them win third place at the Philadelphia Zoo's 2022 Unless Contest.

Planet Aid's Natalie Glannel (l) with Newtown student and teacher, Melissa Metzler (r) after winning environmental award.

Metzler said, "our partnership with Planet Aid is game-changing for my students. Organizing and promoting the clothing drive propels the development of their communication and leadership skills. The hands-on engagement and results the students are able to produce builds their confidence that through action in our community, they can make a positive global impact."

Metzler added, "it also motivates them to learn more about the environmental issues they are actively addressing."

The Brophy Elementary PTO has been a Planet Aid bin host since 2010. In April, they participated in the first National Clothing Drive Contest, and won the $500 award for "Most Improved School."

PTO member Tanya Lipp remarked, "we were thrilled to win the most improved school award and are looking forward to the next event!"

Brophy Elementary School

She also said, "Our PTO was excited to participate in Planet Aid's National Clothing Drive as it was a great opportunity for us to engage as a community to keep textiles out of landfills and earn money for a variety of educational enrichment programs at our school. This was an ideal project for us as it involved no out- of-pocket cost, so families of all financial means could contribute to our fundraising efforts."

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