Planet Aid is Proud to Celebrate Africa Day

May 25 commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963—the first union of African countries. The organization later evolved into the African Union, which consists of 55 member states.

In recognizing these milestones, observers are called to reflect on Africa's many strides including independence from apartheid and colonial rule. There have also been significant gains in human rights, civil rights, and economic growth.

Over the last 25 years, Planet Aid has worked with global partners such as ADPP Mozambique, Humana Botswana, and DAPP Malawi to support sustainable development projects that empower people to protect the planet, build communities, and support others to drive positive change.

Transform Nutrition

Projects like Food for Knowledge (FFK), a nutritious school meal and education initiative in Mozambique's Maputo Province, affirm Planet Aid's dedication to the fundamental needs of children in the region. FFK served over 76 million meals to approximately 90,000 primary school students from 2012 to 2020.

Whether mobilizing farmers clubs, enlisting community health advocates for the Total Control of the Epidemic project, or encouraging child literacy via the Apoiar a Ler! project, Planet Aid continues to support the vision for a stronger and prosperous Africa.