Planet Aid's Earth Month Clothing Drive Brings New Winners to the Forefront

FairhavenStudents at Fairhaven Elementary School enjoyed giving back during the Earth Month Clothing Drive Contest

It's always a fun time when a Planet Aid clothing drive is underway. School bulletin boards teem with "Save the Earth!" posters. Students rally to collect clothes from family, friends, and faculty. And social media buzzes with calls for the community to donate to the school's yellow bins… all in hopes of winning the $1,000 grand prize.

Participating schools receive funds based on the amount of pounds collected in their bins.

Overall pounds

This year's Earth Month Clothing Drive contest began on Monday, April 10, and ran through Friday, April 28. The last two clothing drives were won by St. John the Baptist School in Massachusetts, but this year brings a brand-new winner and top three.

With over 200 schools participating, 173,210 pounds of clothing and shoes were saved from the landfill. That's a resounding win for the planet. In addition, clothing drive participants contributed to:

  • conserving 242 million gallons of water.
  • preventing 4.3 million pounds of CO‚‚
  • averting 69,000 pounds of pesticide spray.

After the last bins were emptied and the last pounds were weighed, Randolph High School (MA), emerged as the first-place winner for Overall Pounds Collected. The school shattered former records with an 18-day total of 6,415 pounds.

That's incredible!

The high school, which just became a participating school this year, will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Congratulations are also due for the second and third-place winners, both hailing from Milford, Massachusetts. Memorial Elementary School took second place honors with 3,455 pounds collected and Milford High School took third place, collecting 3,050 pounds of donated textiles.

Planet Aid staff will visit each winning school to present a check and prizes later this month.

Eric Newman, Planet Aid's National Director of School and Community Program stated, "Several schools let us know that this clothing drive contest was fun and motivating for their students. That was great to hear. I like to think that young people who experience joy in doing something good for their community and the planet, will continue to do so throughout their lives."

Other Contest Categories

Queens Metropolitan High School wins Most Pounds-New School

This year, a new contest category was created—Most Pounds for a New School Partner. It's pretty tough to jump into a clothing drive and make an impact, but Queens Metropolitan High School in New York City, collected 1,800 pounds on its first try.

High Point Elementary School (MD) took home the Most Improved School. They increased their total clothing donations by 1,330 pounds from a year ago.

Planet Aid congratulates all participants of the Earth Month Clothing Drive. Every pound of clothes makes a difference for people and the planet. Funds from reselling clothes support projects that educate, enrich, and save lives.