Recycling Creates Jobs and Protects the Environment

Planet Aid is proud to be a part of the recycling industry that is creating good jobs across the nation and helping protect the environment. Reuse and recycling offer direct development opportunities for communities. When collected with skill and care, and upgraded with quality in mind, discarded materials can contribute to local revenue, business expansion, and the local economic base, while saving resources from unnecessary disposal and creating a climate of good will and solidarity.

While communities across the nation are recognizing the multiple benefits of recycling, California is embracing the idea with particular zeal. Last month a new law took effect in the state that requires all commercial businesses that generate four or more cubic yards of trash per week and multifamily dwellings with five or more units to participate in recycling programs. The state is already achieving record recycling rates (58 percent statewide) and the new law will likely boost the rate even higher.

According to CalRecycle, the state's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, the impact of recycling versus disposal have found significant positive economic effects in California. "The benefits from increased recycling will not only generate new jobs, but will also result in additional goods and services," the department says on its website.

Planet Aid will continue working to make it as convenient as possible for Californians and Americans nationwide to recycle their unwanted clothing and shoes. Use our bin locator to find the bin closest to you.