Routines to Make Spring Cleaning Moot

Over the last few months we have posted a series of blogs to help you spring clean your home. We've covered a wide range of topics from how to dispense with old electronic devices to attacking your closet using our RAID system.

A clean and organized home is an accomplishment, but if you are not diligent you can quickly lose your precious investment of time and energy. To avoid having that happen, follow these few simple tips for staying ahead of the chaos curve throughout the year.

Create a Clean Team

Why do it all yourself? Roommates, a spouse, or children can be a part of the household clean team. First agree on what needs to get done and then come up with a rotating schedule to complete tasks daily and weekly.

An easy way to manage who is doing what and when is to create a chore wheel. You can make a simple chore wheel out of cardstock and a paper fastener. If you want to show that you really mean business, you can craft one from wood. Your wheel should consist of three layers; one with the names of the team members, one with daily chores, and one with weekly chores.

You can also create a monthly schedule that goes beyond regular maintenance to deep clean or declutter different areas of the house.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Incorporating cleaning and organizing into a regular routine is key to staying tidy and neat, but creating a plan and sticking to it are not one in the same. The obstacles that can get in the way of a regular cleaning schedule are legion.

A reward system that reinforces good cleaning behavior can help keep you on track. Yes, enjoying the sparkling tidiness of a newly cleaned area should be reward enough, but sometimes a little extra is needed to get started. In "Cleaning Rewards: Clutter-Free Treats to Reinforce Your Tidying Routines," blogger Rachel Jones suggests dessert or chocolate among the possible incentives for completing tasks.

See You Next Year

We hope you enjoyed our 2019 spring cleaning blog series. We will be back next year with more ideas for keeping things tidy. And remember that Planet Aid accepts unwanted clothes and shoes, so be sure to place your castoffs in a nearby Planet Aid bin. We are always there to help you declutter.