The Future Begins Now

Planet Aid, teacher training, graduation, MozambiqueThe spirit of accomplishment is in the air. With degrees and diplomas in hand, graduates from high schools, trade schools, and universities turn their attention to the next stage of their lives. Planet Aid would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the new graduates and wish them all the best. The future is theirs to seize.

As Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen reminds us, an education should be about far more than seeking a monetary return on a financial investment. It should kindle a lifelong passion for learning that, yes, leads to a prosperous career. But it should also make us better, more thoughtful citizens. Part of that larger goal of education involves learning to understand that we all have a responsibility to the planet and to those who do not share our advantages.

Education is a basic human right. Unfortunately, there are still 57 million children of primary school age who are not in school, either because of their socio-economic circumstance or because there are simply not enough teachers to teach them. We support the efforts of the United Nations, the Global Campaign for Education, and others to make education a reality for the world's poor. To read more about the educational programs and initiatives we support, visit our teacher training page as well as the new teacher training website.

We also invite new graduates to check out our Manager in Training program.