It's Almost Summer!

Thrifty Summer Fun at the Planet Aid Thrift Center

I know what you're thinking "“ "How can it be almost summer? It's barely spring!" And, while that's true, you know as well as I do that summer will sneak up on us very quickly.

Summer is a wonderful time of barbecues, swimming, camping, sporting events, and much more. But getting all the stuff required to partake in summer activities can be expensive. But, don't worry "“ the Planet Aid Thrift Center is here to rescue you! Thousands of new items are stocked daily, giving you a ton of great options.

Planet Aid thrifters Chelsea and Rochelle visited the Planet Aid Thrift Center earlier this week to look for some thrifty summer fun. Watch the video to check out what they found:

Want to see what you can find? Head on over to the Planet Aid Thrift Center!