Planet Aid Thrift Store's New Boutique Area Adds More Shoppability

Planet Aid Thrift Store is all about great value and quality. Now it is showcasing some of the higher-end donations in its new boutique area. The area is staged and merchandised, which makes it more visually shoppable. The boutique includes unique furniture, designer shoes, purses, jewelry, and clothing.

PATS Boutique 1

Planet Aid Thrift Store boutique area

Snake-skin shoes at boutique at Planet Aid Thrift Store

Aestheticl upgrades are just some of the changes Regional Manager Jim Hannah has introduced. The store has also clearly defined its sections for electronics, sporting goods, DVDs, toys, and houseware products for a better shopping experience.

What has not changed is the separation of clothing by color. Andrea, a regular at the store, remarks, "I like that you put everything in color. I love that!" Smiling, she explains, "It makes it real easy to find things."

As for the new changes, Andrea notes, "The last time I came, you had bedding over there." Pointing in the direction of the boutique, she says: "Now I see that it is an exclusive area with some special brands, which is very good."

Miki — also a Planet Aid Thrift Store regular — never frequented the boutique area when it housed furniture and bedding pieces. However, since the boutique's arrival, she says, "Now I go over there… it looks better."

The store is listening to customer feedback and has more changes ahead. In the meantime, take a trip and see what's new at the Planet Aid Thrift Store.