Social Media Influencer Takes the Planet Aid Thrift Store's Style Challenge

Would you be able to shop with $50 in your wallet? It's not impossible, but in many retail stores, you might get one or two items at the most. When it comes to the Planet Aid Thrift Store, your options open up a lot more so get ready to party! We gave Instagram fashion influencer, Stylishly Sunni, the opportunity to take our $50 style challenge.

Sunni regularly tags Planet Aid from her social media accounts to let us know what she's wearing from the Planet Aid Thrift Store. The 25-year old Baltimore resident was a regular when the store was located in Catonsville, Maryland so she was ecstatic when asked to take the style challenge at the new Rockville store.

Talk about making out like a bandit! Sunni searched the aisles methodically looking for just the right picks. There was a gorgeous nude sequined cocktail dress in the running for a while, but nothing is safe when you have so many great options.

Finally, she arrived at the register with a huge smile on her face as she came right under the $50 mark. Here's what Sunni took home: a denim romper, brown leather purse, a pair of beige fringed heels, turquoise earrings, an ivory and gold costume bracelet and a necklace.

We're going to need a few of your tips Sunni!