Spring 2022 color trends for thrifters

It's finally starting to feel more like spring. Yes, spring is definitely in the air friends. The blooming buds, longer daylight hours and the general optimism are all enough to make our hearts fill with glee here at the Planet Aid Store. So, just do it… strip off the black and grey duds. It's time to go pastel.

To help us with ideas, PopSugar has a list of the nine colors of the season. Now remember, your style is unique so a list is just a guide, but for those who don't mind a little help with color suggestions, check out their list. And don't you worry, shopping sustainably won't hinder you at all. You are certain to find these colors (or something similar) when you are shopping sustainably at Planet Aid Thrift Store or the local thrift store in your area.

The colors are: soft lilac, sky blue, canary yellow, scarlet, rich green, hot pink, neon green, salted caramel (interchangeable with rich caramel) and illuminating yellow.

Color swatches from www.color-name.com