Three Sustainable Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

It's not too early to think about a great Valentine's Day gift. Planet Aid Thrift Store has three irresistible gift ideas that are sure to warm your loved one's heart without breaking the bank.

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Take your time, and scout around for a dazzling piece of jewelry to compliment your loved one's wardrobe. Try a beautiful brooch, a lovely pair of cufflinks, or an exquisite pair of earrings. Find spectacular pieces at an affordable price at Planet Aid Thrift Store.

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Here's a tip for shopping at Planet Aid Thrift Store!

Don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable associates if there are any unique pieces behind the counter.



Readers love to cuddle up with their favorite book, so rather than a subscription service, why not check out our literary section? You may find your Valentine's favorite author or genre, which means more gold stars for you!

It's the kind of gift that says "I notice the little things about you."

The Unexpected

Who doesn't love a little "Je ne sais quoi!" in their lives? Release your sense of adventure and be open to discovering something special.


You know your person! So, you know if they love wacky art, collecting valuable fountain pens, or maybe they can't resist faux fur. Just recall those quirky, special, things that you love about them. Then trust your gut and find the perfect thrifty and sustainable treasure for your Valentine.