Unique Finds at the Thrift Center

Gone are the days where people only stepped foot into a thrift store to throw together a last minute Halloween costume or to find an ugly Christmas sweater.

Nowadays, "thrifting" is practically a way of life with stores packed with savvy shoppers hoping to score an abandoned treasure, either for themselves or to resell online.

If you haven't tried thrifting yet, here's a quick view of some of the gems you can find. We selected a few items from the Planet Aid Thrift Center, located in Baltimore, Maryland. These items caught our eye due to their uniqueness —something that you wouldn't expect to find at a thrift store —and their price.

And remember, the Planet Aid Thrift Center is constantly putting items on sale. Check out our sales calendar for the latest bargains.

1. Wedding Dresses

There were three wedding dresses at the Thrift Center when we visited, each offering a different style; two of them were more modern and one was a bit more old-fashioned, but would be great for someone hosting a vintage-inspired or barn wedding.

One of the dresses was a 2-piece gown so the train could detach from the dress, providing a more comfortable fit for the bride after the ceremony is over.

The dresses were as low as $79.99 when we visited, a steal compared to what you'd pay at a bridal shop for a wedding dress!

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2. Telescope

edu telescope, telescope, thirft center, thrift, thrift store, planet aidThis Edu Science telescope is a great find! Edu Science provides educational and science toys specifically designed for children, so this would be an awesome for a child or even for an adult who doesn't want to spend the money to buy a brand new telescope.

Most of the Edu Science telescopes listed online cost well over $100, but this one at the Thrift Center was priced at less than half that on the day we visited.

3. Silverware Set

We found this antique 42-piece Holmes and Edwards silverware set while at the Thrift Center. This is a wonderful collectors item that has the potential to hold a lot of value.

A similar set is listed on Etsy for $100, while the set at the Thrift Center is priced at less than half that on the day we visited. The description on Etsy describes the set as being from the 1940s. While we couldn't find a date on the set at the Thrift Center, it's likely that they both originated from around the same time.

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4. Coach Bag

While most thrift stores offer a handbag department, we came across this really nice Coach bag during our visit. It's a large, leather bag in excellent condition. While an exact replica of the bag was unavailable to be located online, most Coach bags of this size will cost you more than $250 when bought brand new. This bag was priced at only $29.99!

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5. Sports Items

wetsuit, girls, roxy, thrift center, thrift, planet aidWith spring here and warmer weather approaching, outdoor activities will soon be starting up again. We found some nice outdoor sporting equipment, including a youth baseball mitt, life jackets, flippers, and a wetsuit.

The baseball mitt, size 10.5 inch, was priced at $5.99. Brand new mitts usually are priced above $20. This type of item is great to buy at a thrift store since children are always growing. You don't want to spend too much money on a glove, not knowing if it will fit your child when next season comes around.

This girl's size small Roxy wetsuit caught our eye because of how cheap it was, with a price tag of only $19.99 when we visited! Wetsuits similar to this one on Roxy's website ranged from $120 to $200. Although it does show a little wear, after a good washing, it will look good as new!

The life jackets are flippers are also great items to purchase now with warmer weather coming and swimming/boating activities will be in full swing.

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These are just a few of the treasures you can find while thrift hunting. The key to finding these types of items is patience! Take your time and look through the entire store, you are bound to find something! And always remember, "One person's trash is another's treasure!"