Planet Aid Recycles Shoes After Herndon Monument Climb at Naval Academy Graduation

Planet Aid helped Naval Academy students recycle their shoes after the famous Herndon Monument Climb during the 2015 graduation ceremony. Freshman students must climb the monument, which has been covered in more than 200 pounds of lard by upperclassmen, as fast as possible. The decades-old tradition represents the values of teamwork, courage and discipline that are instilled in the students throughout their training at the Naval Academy.

The plebes discard their sneakers before making their attempt at the monument, and Planet Aid collects the footwear to make sure it doesn't end up in the landfill. This is the second year that Planet Aid has partnered with the Naval Academy to recycle old shoes from the event.

planet aid partnership naval academyPlanet Aid's Abdi and Chris with Naval Academy students after picking up the donations.

naval academy herndon recycle shoesPlanet Aid's Abdi Erazouki with the bags of donated shoes to be recycled.