Planet Aid Shares Expertise with International Visitors

Meeting members, from left to right: Tatiana Nagorskaya, Abdi Erazouki, Frank Fowler, Rochelle Steketee, Andrei Kliuev, Evgenii Krylov, Aleksandr Shirobokov, Aleksei Kovtun.

Planet Aid representatives met with seven international visitors on Tuesday, April 18 in Washington, DC to share knowledge of textile recycling and processes.

The seven international visitors, who are from multiple cities in Russia, are in the United States as part of a three week, Department of State sponsored, International Visitor Leadership Program entitled "Turning Russian Cities Green." Five of the visitors are representatives of companies in Russia which deal with environmental impacts, and two are simultaneous interpreters. Washington, DC was the first stop on their six-city tour.

Jacquelyn Piansay, Program Officer for FHI 360, who arranged the program on behalf of the Department of State, said, "during their time in the United States, [the Russian visitors] will examine programs to promote sustainable cities, as well as models to foster productive dialogue between city officials, non-governmental organizations, business leaders, and scientists on the issue of waste management in cities."

Planet Aid was asked to join the discussion because of its reputation as a textile recycling leader, and shared its expertise in collecting and recycling textiles to protect the environment by reducing the waste of vital resources.

Planet Aid's Operational Manager Frank Fowler gave a presentation on the amount of textile waste the United States produces, and the process Planet Aid uses to make donating and recycling textiles more convenient for customers. The presentation was followed by discussion and a question and answer session.

"It was a productive afternoon," Fowler said. "Not only were we able to share our knowledge, we were able to learn more about the recycling process and textile waste in Russia. We're always happy to help others reduce waste and create sustainable practices."

Planet Aid's Frank Fowler and Abdi Erazouki engage in discussion with the visitors from Russia.

Russian representatives Aleksandr Shirobokov and Evgenii Krylov take notes during Fowler's presentation.

Other Planet Aid representatives present were: Abdi Erazouki, Territory Manager; and Rochelle Steketee, Communications Specialist.

The representatives from Russia were: Andrei Kliuev, Director of Wasteout Ltd.; Aleksei Kovtun, Senior Manager at Altex Construction Company; Evgenii Krylov, Director of ECO Tocjka Ltd.; Tatiana Nagorskaya, Board Chair for Sphere of Environmental Protection; and Aleksandr Shirobokov, Shift Supervisor at Kungolovo Landfill. They were accompanied by simultaneous interpreters Nadia Brunstein and Dimitry Zolotov.