Planet Aid Hands Out Prizes to Winners of Earth Day Art Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Planet Aid-Kansas City Earth Day Art Contest! All winners receive a certificate and a $25 gift card to shop at Toys R' Us!

Meaghan F., Kindergarten
Abby S., 1st grade
Arista Z., 1st grade
LeAine C., 2nd grade
Colin F., 2nd grade
Roberto C., 3rd grade
Kaitlyn W., 3rd grade
Brianna B., 3rd grade
Addison F., 4th grade
Bella O., 5th grade

Brianna from St. Joseph, Missouri

Abby from Overland Park, Kansas

Meaghan from Lee's Summit, Missouri

Addison from Lee's Summit, Missouri

Juana Weber of Harrisonville Elementary selects "Principal's Choice" winners (left to right) Case Sage - 1st grade, Brianna Carette - 2nd grade, Chloe Fitzgerald - 3rd grade.