Planet Aid Helps Senior Center Recycle

When Edward King House, a senior center facility that has served the local population for more than 45 years, needed help recycling items in storage, Planet Aid stepped in to help. Maureen McManus from Newport's Clean City Program reached out to Planet Aid's Adrienne Currin to make sure these items were given a chance to be repurposed.

"The Edward King House in Newport, Rhode Island has plans to refurbish their roof, and many items (household items, textiles, books, yards of fabric, etc.) have been stored there for decades. I received a call from Carmela Geers, the Center's director, who was looking for assistance on how to dispose of the items. In an effort to reuse and recycle as much as possible, I called Adrienne Currin of Planet Aid to help give a second life to all the usable items. I am so thankful to Planet Aid for coming out to the location and diverting so much to reuse and repurpose. The Senior Center was able to reuse and recycle a large portion of what was stored in their attic while only a very small percentage went to the landfill."

-Maureen McManus
Clean City Program of Newport, RI

If you need assistance recycling, contact your local Planet Aid to see how we can help.