Planet Aid Donates Coats During the St. Edward High School Drive

This past weekend, Planet Aid donated winter coats to the St. Edward High School coat drive in Lakewood, Ohio.

The school hosted the coat drive during one of their basketball games and encouraged all attendees - St. Edward's fans and foes - to bring coats to the event.

The coats are used as part of St. Edward's Labre Ministry, a program that benefits the homeless community of Cleveland and the surrounding area. The Labre Ministry hinges on personal contact with the homeless community, as participating students go out each Thursday evening and personally hand out clothing, food, toiletries, and other essentials.

Richard Kubrak, St. Edward's Director of Service and Outreach, said that the one-on-one interactions makes an impact on the recipients and the students. "The food, coats, and other provisions help them [the homeless community], but it is the human interaction that truly begins to change us as we serve. The experience allows the students to realize the needs and the suffering within our community that most times goes unnoticed."

The ministry also partners with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Care Alliance to connect the homeless with other organizations and resources to help in housing and rehabilitation.

"It was great to get so many coats as they are really helpful for the homeless population in northeast Ohio," Mr. Kubrak said.

Keep up the good work, Eagles!