Planet Aid Supports University of Rochester's Sustainable Move-Out Program

Planet Aid makes its bins accessible to universities, particularly during the "move-out" season to divert massive amounts of textile waste from landfills.

In support of the University of Rochester's Move-Out Cleanout Program from April 27 to May 17, Planet Aid collection points were placed around the campus to encourage students to donate their unwanted or unused clothing.

In prior years, the cleanout has saved upwards of 24,000 pounds or 14 tons from going to the local landfill.

The University also started the two-day Dump and Run Program which collects rugs, chairs, furniture, shelving, baskets, working electronics, refrigerators, microwaves, and school supplies.

Both of these events encourage students to practice responsible habits, which ultimately help the environment.

Photo Credit: The Green Dandelion

To find out how to obtain a bin for your clothing drive, contact your local Planet Aid.