Teacher Training

Many developing nations suffer from a shortage of well-qualified teachers, especially in rural areas.  Resources are few, and many teachers are expected to handle classrooms with upwards of 60 students. They also face challenges that are unique to the developing world, and often lack the support they need to manage these challenges.

Our Approach:

Planet Aid supports teacher training colleges in MozambiqueMalawiIndia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola.

The colleges Planet Aid supports utilize the DNS Teacher Training Method, a pedagogical approach suited to rural developing areas. DNS helps to inspire teachers to become self-driven and effective catalysts for change in both the classroom and the community. The colleges are also each approved by their respective ministries of education as institutions offering accredited programs.

"Our Government has identified the training of primary school teachers as a priority in our national strategic plan for education. The challenge has been to qualify teachers quickly enough to meet the needs of our population. ADPP and Planet Aid have been committed and hard-working partners with us in this endeavor. Our country urgently needs more educators with the capacity and of the caliber produced by the ADPP colleges."

- Maria De Luz Guebuza, former First Lady of Mozambique

Teacher Training In Action: 



Alberto’s Chief responsibility is to teach mathematics and physical education at his school, but his dedication inspired him to do more. In the past year he organized an after-school program to help students who could not read. Read More


In fair weather, Cidalia teaches fifth grade in a sandy corner of the schoolyard of public school “Escola Primaria 5 de Fevereiro” on the outskirts of borough of Machava, Mozmbique. Her pupils sit on the ground beneath a tattered green tarp, their bodies barely shielded from the hot Mozambiquean sun. Read More

Malawi, the Road to Teacherhood