A 25th Anniversary Celebration to Remember for Planet Aid

The nonprofit organization known for its yellow clothing donation bins is now 25 years-old. Planet Aid commemorated its 25th Anniversary with a celebration on August 12 at the Elkridge Furnace Inn in Elkridge, Maryland.

The historic site was a stunning back-drop for a special evening, which included speeches from Planet Aid CEO Fred Olsson, Operations Manager Tim Frisch, and Planet Aid driver Charlie Oliver. Each gave micro and macro-level perspectives of the organization's operations locally and abroad.

The intent for the 25th anniversary celebration was simple—honoring employees, from material handlers in the warehouse, to drivers, to office staff. Olsson's speech acknowledged each department for their unique contribution to the organization.

He also addressed the future of Planet Aid as a growing, diverse and supportive workplace, saying, "As a team, we look forward to taking Planet Aid's efforts to new heights of excellence. We endeavor to be the kind of workplace to inspire, develop, and maximize the potential of each employee to be the best you can be. And as we take the time to express our gratitude for a fantastic year gone by, we turn expectantly to the year that lies ahead."

Olsson continued, "Embarking on this next 25 years, we place focus on a new slogan, "For People and the Planet," which expresses the importance of humanity in our mission. Inspiring people to care about recycling, global humanitarian goals, and the basic needs of others is the only way to ensure our planet is viable for generations to come."

Greetings and salutations also poured in from Humana People to People Federation members in India and Brazil. In addition, Humana People to People Chairman, Snorre Westgaard, sent a special video tribute to honor Planet Aid's 25th Anniversary.

Westgaard remarked about the similarities between Humana People to People's community-centric approach to fighting AIDS and Planet Aid's support of capacity-building development projects like teacher training, Farmers Club, and Child Aid.


He congratulated the staff, saying, "This support has been made possible because of your day to day work on the roads, in the warehouse and in the office. Your continuous effort has made a positive impact on millions of people around the world."

After the speeches, the evening's activities continued with dancing, games, prizes, and Planet Aid trivia, which included guessing the weight of a wagon full of clothes.

It was an incredibly memorable night for Planet Aid employees and their guests, and in true Planet Aid fashion, the celebration served two purposes. First and foremost, it honored the people of Planet Aid while helping the environment—proceeds from the event support Maryland's Patapsco State Park.