Eco Spring Fashion Finds

Now that spring has arrived, we are spring-cleaning our closets, packing up our sweaters and boots, and pulling out the short sleeves and sandals in anticipation of the warmer weather.

Remember when you do this to take any clothes you don't want, regardless of their condition, to a yellow bin near you. Your old clothes will be reused and recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

As you go through last year's wardrobe, you might find yourself in need of some new clothes. If you are one of those people and you've decided it's time for some spring shopping, challenge yourself to commit to sustainability this year. It's no big secret that the fashion industry is not as good to the environment as it is to shoppers. Thankfully, it is possible to look good and protect the environment!

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This spring, take inspiration from the runways and shop for sustainable alternatives. There are an increasing number of clothing companies committed to ethical and sustainable production practices. These clothes might cost more than the fast fashion finds at the mall, but you'll be getting quality pieces and peace of mind. Here are some of our stylish and ecofriendly suggestions:

Styles for women:


This year's in-vogue pattern for women's clothing is gingham. You can participate in the trend with this gingham shirt from Ethica, a store committed to selling only clothing that is "planet- and people- friendly." The clothing they sell is made from ecologically responsible material and produced sustainably by workers who are treated ethically. Even their packaging is eco-friendly!

Shirt dresses:

Shirt dresses were popping up all over this year's runways in many colors and styles. Try this one on the right from Zady. It's sustainably made in the USA from locally sourced materials for minimal impact on the environment.


Perhaps the biggest 2015 spring trend for women is the Kimono style. You'll be seeing it on everything from blouses to dresses to jackets. You can pick up this Kimono jacket from Beklina, a store that sells only sustainable and organic fashion.

Styles for men:


This spring, the pattern of choice for men is stripes. This versatile pattern is a classic and can be worn alone or mixed with other patterns. Solne sells a light and comfy hoodie made from organic cotton and recycled materials that's perfect for cool, spring weather.


Bold, red statement pieces are in this spring. Try on this red raincoat, another great find from the sustainable store Zady.

Bermuda shorts:

They never really went anywhere but Bermuda shorts are the style to sport this spring and wear into summer. Also from Zady, here's a relaxed chambray version that is perfect for casual days.