Green Holiday Decorations

Getting ready to deck the halls for the holiday season? Try making this year's celebration a green one! Here are some eco-friendly decorating ideas:

Recycled Fabric Wreath

Gather up any old T-shirts, sweaters, curtains, or sheets you have lying around and create a beautiful wreath for your front door! All you need from the store is a wreath form. Simply cut the fabric into strips and tie it in knots around the form, arranging the colors into a festive pattern. Full instructions at

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Paper Snowflakes

Remember making these is elementary school? Put your scissor-wielding skills to use this holiday season by turning scrap paper into beautiful snowflakes! You can even turn them into garlands by threading string through the tops with a needle. Full instructions at

Energy Saving Lights

If last year's strand of lights is just missing too many bulbs, replace it with a new strand of energy-saving LED lights. They last longer and use a lot less energy than incandescent lights —up to 90 percent less energy, in fact. That makes a huge difference for the environment and, over time, your wallet.

Christmas Card Boxes or Ornaments

Most everyone has a stack of old Christmas cards packed away somewhere just waiting to be put to good use. Here's your chance. Turn those beautiful cards into nifty little boxes for storing goodies or sentimental notes. Better yet; add some string and you've got yourself some new ornaments for the tree. Full instructions at

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Christmas Card Gift Tags

Last year's Christmas cards can also double as unique gift tags for this year's presents! Use a craft punch to cut out images from the front of the cards, punch a hole on one end, and tie a string around it. Then write your recipients name on the other side. You'll never have to make a last-minute run to the store for gift tags again! Full instructions at

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Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become so popular that stores have begun stocking tacky sweaters on the shelves. But there's no need to buy one! You can make your own by reusing and recycling materials you already have at home. Just find an old sweater and decorate it with whatever you have on hand: old Christmas bows, light strings, buttons, sequins, really anything! As long as you completely overdo it with the decals, you'll have yourself a winning sweater! Full instructions at

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When the party's over, you can maintain the "green" spirit of your sweater by placing it a Planet Aid yellow bin for recycling.