JetBlue Airways and Planet Aid Reduce Textile Waste

JetBlue, {Planet AidPlanet Aid and JetBlue Airways have completed a project to recycle clothing from JetBlue crewmembers.  The project is part of a nationwide sustainability initiative being carried out by the airline to reduce waste. 

The two-month partnership generated nearly five tons of used clothing from JetBlue crewmembers at Planet Aid's NJ location alone, and more at other facilities.  Clothing and uniforms were collected throughout the JetBlue network, and consolidated for pick up by Planet Aid at local airports. 

"Both on the ground and in the air, we focus on reusing and recycling materials rather than treating them as trash."  —JetBlue

Sophia Mendelsohn, the Head of Sustainability at JetBlue said, " Recycling fabric is the newest material stream JetBlue's community is keeping out of landfills. It joins our cans and bottles and composting efforts, and it is no less important than what people normally think of as recycling."

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