Planet Aid Highlighted in "La Pareja Viajera" Travel Blog

Victor Pineda and Fernanda Delgadillo are the twosome that comprise La Pareja Viajera, or The Traveling Couple. Both originally from Mexico, they have combined a passion for traveling with professional communications skills to provide lifestyle tips for itinerant couples.

Together for 15 years and married for ten, Victor and Pineda started La Pareja Viajera travel blog in 2013. Since then it has evolved into a multimedia venture across social networks and more traditional news outlets. The pair often weaves environmental tips into their writing and promotes eco-friendly trips.

In a recent blog post titled "Cómo reciclar ropa cuando viajes por Estados Unidos," or "How to recycle clothing while traveling through the United States," they highlight Planet Aid's yellow bins as a simple and effective resource to manage textile waste. An accompanying video demonstrates how easy it can be to recycle clothes and other items when convenient receptacles are available.

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