Recycled Halloween Costumes for Kids

Finding a Halloween costume can be as easy as gathering old items from around the house and turning them into something new! Here are some DIY costume ideas for so you can recycle and have the best-dressed kid on the block:

1) Little Lamb
An old hooded shirt and shorts covered in cotton will transform your little one into the cutest lamb! If you have some unwanted stuffed animals at home you can remove the stuffing and glue it to the shirt and shorts to create "wool" for your lamb costume. Then all that's left is to make ears out of cardstock or foam and glue or sew them onto the hood of the shirt!

2) Bat Costume
To make this costume you need to start with an old black umbrella that you're willing to take apart. To create the wings, just cut two triangles out of the top and bottom of the fabric and use wire cutters to cut off the metal supports that hold it open. Next attach two small pieces of ribbon to the top of the wings with a loop to hang on the child's wrists. Then take two larger pieces of ribbon and attach to the top middle of the wings; this will come over the child's shoulders, over the chest, under the arms and tie together in the back to hold the wings up. To complete the costume, make bat ears out of some leftover cardboard and attach them to a black headband. Make a bat nose out of a plastic or paper cup that you paint black and then just reuse a black shirt and pair of pants!
Full instructions at Mother Natured.

3) Mummy
Cut up old white or ivory sheets into strips and wrap them all around. You can also use old t-shirts, pantyhose, or even curtains. This is a great way to reuse fabric that's been lying around.

4) Lego Block
All you need for this simple costume is a large cardboard box and some old cans or jars. Cut holes in the box for head and armholes, glue the cans (or anything that's the right shape) to the top of the box in two vertical rows, and then spray paint the whole thing one color!
Full instructions at CountryLiving.

5) Robot
You can get very creative with this costume and make your robot look however you like! Make holes for head and arms in a large cardboard box and then cover it in foil—this is your robot's body. Then, also cover a smaller cardboard box in foil for the head. After that it's up to you how to decorate it! Look around the house for old CDs, floppy disks, circuit boards, wires, buttons, dryer vents—really anything you don't need anymore!

6) Owl
Everyone has old t-shirts that are stained or full of holes, so find them and put them to good use with this adorable owl costume! Cut leftover fabric into a feather shape until you have enough "feathers" to cover a shirt or dress. Either glue or sew the feathers onto the shirt, layering them in rows starting from the bottom. Then make a simple mask out of cardstock, either by drawing your own or using this printout.
Full instructions at Alpha Mom.

7) Ghost
This one's a classic! Just find a large white sheet, cut out holes for eyes, and drape it!

If you're looking for more eco-friendly Halloween costume options, head to your local thrift store (If you're in the Baltimore area, check out the Planet Aid Thrift Center)! You might find all the supplies you need or even a full costume that is ready for a new owner. Remember when you are finished with your costumes to recycle the materials and bring your textiles to a yellow bin near you.

Have a happy (and green) Halloween!