Make Second-hand Shopping Your First Stop for Holiday Gifts

Value is often associated with a price tag, but there is great value in being a sustainable gift-giver during the holidays. Second-hand shopping doesn't have to be the second stop in your shopping exploits. Why not make it a commonsensical first option?

Often, you find designer names available at a fraction of the price. That's thrifting at its best.

Dooney & Bourke purse

Jordans (sneakers)

Different outfits on store figures

Just take a few minutes to ponder what gifts your friends and family would appreciate.

Does your best friend collect dolls?
Could your uncle use a few classic DVD's?
Does your cousin go ga-ga for fine China?
And wouldn't grandma enjoy a unique piece of bric-a-brac this Christmas?

Your local thrift/antique shop most likely has items that will fill the bill. Here's the thing, not only will you come across as a thoughtful gift-giver, but you will also help keep perfectly good items out of the landfill and support the circular economy.

Wall of DVD's, videos, cassettes and more.

The Environmental Protection Agency describes a circular economy as one that "…keeps materials, products, and services in circulation for as long possible." This helps keep usable items out of landfills.

Buying second-hand helps you discover merchandise ranging from extravagant to essential. Just be a smart shopper, and inspect your items before purchasing.

Here's another thing to note: Don't be alarmed if some of your loved-ones are not super thrilled about a thrifted gift. You can't please everyone, and it's okay. Nevertheless, for the more adventurous ones, why not give sustainable gift-giving, a try? It might go a long way in encouraging someone else to embrace the value of reusing.