Watch Out for Wildlife: Spring Cleaning Tips from the Humane Society

As good stewards of the environment, we care about all aspects of conservation. It's about more than recycling; it's about respecting and protecting the Earth and all living things that share it with us.

While we begin our eco-friendly spring cleaning, we should also take special precautions to protect the wildlife that may interrupt our efforts. Here are some tips from the Humane Society for ways that we can watch out for our wild friends while we prepare for the new season:

When cleaning up your yard, try not to disturb any animal habitats.

Check for bird and squirrel nests before trimming trees and search the backyard for rabbit holes before mowing the lawn. If you find any, work around them until the young have left their nest and it can be removed.

Bird in a nest in a tree

Bird on a chimneyAlso check chimneys and vents for nests.

These small, dark, warm places can seem very inviting to some animals and are a common place for birds to make their home. If you do find any, wait until they have left to clean and then install a cover to prevent birds from moving in in the future.

Animals other than birds might be coaxed out of hiding by lights or sounds. Try placing a radio in the fireplace or shining a light up the chimney to encourage them to make their home elsewhere.

As you move things around in the attic, check for wildlife that might be hiding or living there.

If you can, wait until any young have grown old enough to leave with their mother. If you do need the animals removed immediately, get professional help to encourage them out rather than endanger them by forcefully evicting them.

Attic full of items Squirrel

Check for cracks and holes in the siding, behind appliances, and near pipes entering the house.

Animals could view these as an opportunity to move into your home. Plug any holes you find with paper or cloth and then, once you know there are no animals inside, permanently seal them.

This spring, renew your commitment to conservation by taking a few extra steps to protect wildlife. Check the Humane Society website for information on what to do if you find an orphaned or injured wild animal and how to choose a wildlife control company if you need to humanely remove an animal from your home.

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