Make a Fashion Statement on World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22 to highlight the importance of the Earth's water supply and advocate for sustainable management practices. The theme this year is "leaving no one behind," which underscores the idea that access to clean water is a human right. Today, aproximately 844 million people don't have reasonable access to safe water. Many must travel or wait in line for hours to get it, or have to settle for contaminated water and risk their health.

Thirsty Threads

To grow the fiber and manufacture the clothes we wear requires an immense quanity of water. Reognizing that change is urgently needed, the United Nations Environment Assembly created a new Alliance for Sustainable Fashion on March 14. The Alliance is focused on finding ways to address the impacts of "fast fashion" and work toward greater sustainability.

"The fashion industry is the second-biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 8-10 percent of global carbon emissions."

—UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

The Alliance is part of a growing global movement to change fashion as we know it. Planet Aid applauds all of their efforts and is commited to do its part to save textile resources.

Wear Less for Water Savings

Today, on World Water Day, make a "fashion statement" by committing to reduce your textile-related impacts. One way to start is to buy less clothing and, when you do shop, to try and patronize secondhand stores. And remember you will save resources by donating your castoffs at your nearest Planet Aid bin. Your donation gives clothing a new life and helps to support jobs in the secondhand industry.

To learn more about fast fashion and what you can do to help protect the environment, see our Fast Fashion vs Ethical blog series.