Planet Aid has 11 warehouses and central offices in the United States and has yellow bins in 19 states plus Washington, DC. We divert approximately 90-100 million pounds of used clothing and shoes from being needlessly disposed of in U.S. landfills and incinerators each year. By dropping your clothing into a Planet Aid collection box rather than throwing it away, you help to reduce the environmental impacts associated with disposal and new clothing manufacture.

Planet Aid in Schools

Planet Aid offers schools the opportunity to host clothes collection bins and to learn more about the recycling world. Participating schools are offered lessons in the importance of conserving resources, protecting the environment, and being a global citizen. Students may also visit a Planet Aid center as part of the lesson. The children learn about the countries and projects supported by Planet Aid and may participate in exchanges and conduct campaigns to help others like themselves in faraway places.

Contact your local Planet Aid office to learn more about the schools program.

Community Support 

Planet Aid is very active in our local communities. From book donations and coat drives to picking up litter, Planet Aid is an active partner in helping those in need and the environment here at home.

We partner with local organizations who are helping those in need or otherwise strengthening local communities. To partner with Planet Aid in your community, contact your local Planet Aid office.

"Because of your hard work thousands of Kansas City's poor and homeless will have warm clothing this winter when the weather gets really bad.... For 29 years I have never had enough blankets and coats to give to the poor, but thanks to Planet Aid's efforts, we had an abundance this year and were able to give to several more agencies that were in need. In effect, what you did by collecting those items for us is saving lives in our community." 
—Richard G. Tripp, Director, Care of Poor People, Kansas City, MO

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