Planet Aid Celebrates Spring

Spring is about awakening, renewal, and, of course, cleaning and organizing!

Because it is our favorite time of year, Planet Aid will be celebrating spring throughout the months of March and April.  During this time, we will be hosting and organizing events at various locations across the United States (our “Celebrate Spring” page will be where you can find news about the latest Planet Aid springtime happenings in your area). 

Tips and Insights

Our celebration of spring will also include postings of interesting and useful tips and information both here on our website and on Facebook and Twitter. These will help to make your spring cleaning more efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable.  As an example of what’s to come, here’s some advice from Japanese organizational guru Marie Kondo.

The Magic of Tidying Up

maria kondo spring cleaning planet aidMarie Kondo, author of the best-seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, offers a unique way to spring-clean your wardrobe.  Kondo's approach (known as the KonMari method) begins with this simple question regarding each item: Does this bring me joy?

But even before the questioning begins Kondo recommends pulling all your clothes out of closets and drawers and piling them on the floor.  "Don't leave a single wardrobe or dresser drawer unopened,” she writes.  “Make sure you have gathered every last piece of clothing." 

What happens next in her approach is a step-by-step methodical comparison and querying.  For those items that fail the joy test, Kondo says to simply let them go with gratitude. “Thank you for giving me joy when I bought you," she instructs her readers to say over each unwanted piece.

Renew the Joy 

Planet Aid applauds Kondo’s sensible approach and her reverence for all things wanted and unwanted.  We agree that when the joy wanes, it is time to pass on our clothes.  And we know from our experience that there is always someone, somewhere who will find happiness and joy from our castoffs. And if an article of clothing can no longer be worn, there are other purposes to which it can be put.

So renew the joy!  Find a bin to drop off your clothing today.


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