HOPE Project

For many people in developing countries, the journey after a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS is not only fraught with severe health challenges, but also social stigma, which leads to isolation and further compounds suffering. Fear and a lack of understanding, coupled with scant resources, contribute to the harm and only serve to contribute to the further spread of the disease.

Our Approach:

HOPE builds awareness that people with HIV can live with dignity, prolonging their lives and being productive with the support of their communities. HOPE projects establish community HIV facilities, which serve as resource hubs and activity centers. Each HOPE center is open to everyone in the community:

  •  People who have tested HIV positive
  •  People who do not know their HIV status and need information and reassurance about testing
  •  People who need information about sexually transmitted diseases
  •  People who want to participate in caring for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The center is a meeting place for HOPE activists, Positive Living Clubs (support groups), and Orphan Care Committees, and a training center for volunteers and community leaders. Through its outreach program, HOPE promotes prevention measures at schools, youth clubs, and throughout the community. For those already infected, HOPE provides support in boosting nutrition, maintaining treatment, and living a healthy life.   

Planet Aid supports the HOPE project in Botswana and  South Africa, and in the past has also helped support operations in India and Zimbabwe.