Guinea Bissau

Working with Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP-Guinea Bissau), Planet Aid supports vocational schools, teacher training, and Child Aid projects. ADPP-Guinea Bissau began its work in the country in the early 1980s and through its work has benefited more than 200,000 people.

Vocational Schools

ADPP established a vocational school in 1997 to train youths in academic and technical skills. The subjects offered include solar energy, electricity, commerce and administration, agriculture civil engineering, and rural irrigation and plumbing.  These topics provide graduates with skills in demand by the local market and enable them to start their own business.  Academic subjects include math, Portuguese, geography, biology, and physics. Students also complete courses in HIV/AIDS awareness and participate in community campaigns to educate communities about the epidemic as well as about malaria and tuberculosis.  Since its opening, the vocational school has graduated more than 800 young men and women. More than than 50% have been placed in jobs with local employers.

The 2015 school year saw 98 students graduate with training across 6 disciplines: Construction, Agriculture, Commerce and Administration, Electricity, Plumbing, and Solar Energy. 

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Teacher Training

The DNS teacher training college in the town of Cacheu is currently training 80 future educators through a partnership with Planet Aid's sister organization Humana People to People and the European Union Delegation in Guinea Bissau.

In 2015, 43 new students began the 3-year teacher training program and another 36 students entered into their second year. Thirty-six students entered into their third and final year in the program, having completed the full-time training in 17 schools across the Cacheu region.  And 40 students graduated and are expected to begin teaching in primary schools in the surrounding communities. 

This project has also integrated the Child Aid program into 55 primary schools around the college to further improve the quality of education in the region. A number of community activities have been implemented through the program, including agricultural production, tree planting, sanitation initiatives, and communal cultural events.

In 2015, the Child Aid program established 45 new preschools, reaching over 2,200 students. They also improved health and sanitation in the region by building 28 new latrines and 31 wells. 

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Past Projects

Farmers’ Clubs

In November 2008 ADPP began the Farmers’ Club project in the Oio region, organizing 12 clubs of approximately 50 farmers each. Through the club venue, farmers are encouraged to share information about diversifying crops and devising ways to operate more efficiently and economically. Clubs are provided with training in modern but simple sustainable agricultural practices and are linked to local markets.  In Guinea Bissau, more than 3,000 farmers and their families have taken part in these clubs. Read more about Farmers' Clubs

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