Vocational Training

Skills help people get jobs and start businesses and in developing countries, but it is difficult to gain access to needed training or education. 

Our Approach: 

The vocational schools Planet Aid supports cater to young men and women from rural areas who are eager to make a better life for themselves. The students  are trained in a variety of subjects, which include (depending on the school) commerce and administration, financial accounting, construction, tropical agriculture, carpentry and joinery, motor mechanics, electrical engineering, hotel and tourism, and animal husbandry.

Students also gain work experience by apprenticing at a business. Companies enlist the students, and their teachers’ are involved in guiding them and assessing their performance. This kind of experience makes it possible for students to have a broader and a more practical understanding of their field of study and of the real situation in the work place.

An example of how students benefit from vocational training is found in the experience of Elisa, a 20-year-old woman in Mozambique that enrolled in the three-month competency course at the Planet Aid–supported Maputo Polytechnic College. Elisa was interested in sales and entrepreneuship.  Upon graduating from the program she opened her own hair salon in her home. "I always wanted to have my own business,” she said, “but before I did the CCDC course, I had no idea how to start. After the training a light was lit and I decided to put my hands to work.” 

Planet Aid supports vocational training in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Angola