Total Control of the Epidemic

Developing countries have some of the highest rates of epidemic diseases like AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in the world. Many with these diseases do not only lack access to proper treatment, they are also often stigmatized within their own community. Prevention is key in slowing the spread of communicable diseases, and education is the first step. 

Our Approach: 

Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) is a revolutionary approach to disease education and prevention. TCE sees every individual as an essential building block in collectively turning the tide against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria.

TCE field officers educate, inform, and counsel individuals, empowering them to make positive decisions with regards to safe sexual behavior to prevent HIV/AIDS or other behaviors related to the other epidemics. Volunteers, called “passionates,” assist with complementary TCE activities such as school and workplace campaigns, women’s clubs, orphan care, home care, and much more. Additionally, TCE programs forge partnerships with existing services, both governmental and otherwise, and provide people with access to those services via referrals.

By drawing upon local participation, and working in close cooperation with government agencies, health services, and other public and private partners, TCE ensures that each community becomes mobilized and organized in the fight against the major epidemics.

Planet Aid supports the implementation of the TCE program in South Africa, Malawi, and India